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Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore Warning Signs is not affiliated with any existing Michigan conservation group, state or federal agency. is a privately funded effort to increase public awareness of sightings of large felines in Michigan. does not know for sure if there is a viable breeding population of cougars in Michigan.

If the State of Michigan has cougars then the Michigan DNR has an obligation to protect that population of wild animals.

Meanwhile in Michigan we have everyday citizens, law enforcement officials, professionals and Federal Park Service employees reporting Michigan cougar sightings with regularity.

Make no mistake-cougars are very dangerous animals; we realize the obvious dangers that having a large predator in the woods can pose. We believe that if the public is educated about these animals you can greatly reduce the possibility of attack. Mission Statement:

Our number one priority is to identify, protect and expose the viable, breeding Eastern Cougar population in Michigan. If we find a population we will then work with State and Federal agencies to educate the public about the existence of Eastern Cougars in Michigan. employs a grassroots effort to promote public awareness of Eastern Cougars in Michigan by providing a public forum where citizens can report their sightings and have their information relayed to the proper authorities and available on the internet.

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